Philadelphia police, along with Meek Mill, are searching for a man who allegedly committed a lewd act on a woman's leg in a Dollar Tree store. New footage captures the aftermath of the incident.

The video, posted on social media platform X, appears to have been recorded by the alleged victim. In it, she is seen chasing a man out of the store while yelling that he had committed an indecent act on her leg while she was shopping. The suspect then makes a swift exit.

The clip shows the alleged suspect fleeing the store as the woman shouts, "He did this to my leg! You go to hell!" She then shows what appears to be a substance on her calf, while crying outside the store. Another person approaches to comfort her.

CBS News reports that store employees informed investigators about where the man allegedly frequents, and police have released photos from the surveillance video of the suspected individual. The images show the man wearing a t-shirt with a candy cane and the phrase "It's not going to lick itself," which is unsettling given the accusation against him.

Meek Mill has joined the search, posting, "Let's play manhunt" and offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the suspect. Police are also urging the public to help identify the man.