Attorney General Justin Muturi has threatened to sue Standard Media Group for publishing false information about him. Muturi denied claims that he had complained of being sidelined by the president.
According to Standard Media Group, Muturi allegedly voiced concerns about being ignored by the government and claimed that he was not consulted on important decisions in the country.

Justin Muturi has accused journalists at the Standard Media Group of misquoting him and is demanding an immediate apology from the media outlet. He has also threatened to take legal action against the journalists and editors involved.

Established over seventy years ago, Standard Media Group is one of the largest media companies in the country. Many people rely on its daily news and information.
Justin Muturi currently serves as the Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya, appointed by President William Ruto after the 2022 general elections. Prior to this role, Muturi held the position of Speaker of the National Assembly, marking a successful and lengthy career in politics.

President William Ruto has faced criticism for allegedly disregarding advice from professionals in the country. He has been accused of sidelining senior government officials when making crucial decisions.
Justin Muturi is committed to tackling the challenges facing the country. He has pledged his support to the president to ensure that he fulfills his mandate to the people of Kenya.