Unknown gunmen have raided a village in zamfara state abducting over 100 residents. kidnappings have become more common in the northern region of Nigeria as more bandit groups pop up. gangs of armed men abduct people from villages, highways, and farms, and demand ransom money from their relatives.

 A village resident said that right now Kanwa village is deserted, the bandits divided themselves into two groups and attacked the community. They kidnapped children aged between 14 to 16 years and women.

Early this month Gunmen killed at least 12 people in an attack on a village in the northern Nigerian state of Plateau. the latest deadly incident fuelled by growing pressure on land resources in the country.

On the 5th of June this year, gunmen stormed into a church in ondo while the service was on and killed over 40 people. the attack began at around 11 am when the gunmen had disguised themselves as congregants.

There have been other several attacks in Nigeria most of them resulting from conflict over the sharing of resources between farmers and herders.

Nigeria's military has launched a series of air attacks in zamfara, and other northern states, they have however been criticized for targeting innocent civilians. the Nigerian airforce has said that they are reviewing all allegations of accidental air strikes on civilians as well as reviewing the circumstances leading to such strikes.

The gunmen have been accused of using the abducted villagers as a human shield when cornered by the military. many foreign governments have issued travel warnings to their citizens from traveling to the northern parts of Nigeria.