The government has warned officials working on the Kenya-Busia border against engaging in corruption.

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki noted on Tuesday that the border is a sensitive trade and security facility that requires careful handling.

Speaking when he he presided over the opening of Teso North Sub-County Headquarters and Kamolo Division Headquarters in Busia County, the CS stressed the government’s commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of border areas by deploying officers with unwavering integrity.

“We will make sure we have the right people with the right frame of mind there (border), whose work will be to promote trade, investment and security as well as good neighborliness between the countries of Kenya and Uganda,” he said.

The CS also announced plans to enhance border infrastructure to facilitate seamless cross-border trade and movement for citizens of both countries.

Further, CS Kindiki highlighted the pressing need for collaboration between the national and devolved governments.

He underscored the importance of finding ways to improve the welfare of ordinary citizens, particularly the youth who have been driven to criminal activities due to unemployment.

“Due to a lack of employment, many young people have been driven to engage in crime and related activities. This government is making every effort to increase job possibilities at the grassroots and throughout Kenya in order to keep youth from becoming involved in illicit drug use and criminality,” he said.

Additionally, he said that the government is actively working to create job opportunities at the grassroots level, urging young people to explore alternative income-generating avenues.

The Interior CS issued a stern warning to criminal gangs operating in Busia, vowing action on those responsible.

He vowed to crack down on gangs that have been blamed for a spate of criminal activities in the border county.