Primary school headteachers want the government to increase the money sent to schools for each child to cater for their school needs.

Kenya primary school heads association chair Johnson Nzioka submitted a breakdown of how every coin is spent, and the total capitation proposed is Kes 9,200.

"This translates to Kes 3,418,365 in a school of 400, with each child requiring Kes 9,200 annually as new capitation to manage schools effectively," Nzioka said.

He also noted that CBC instructional materials cost the school Kes 449,715 per year on utility bills, including electricity, water and conservancy, saying the allocation per student is Kes 60.

"A school with 400 pupils spends Kes 24,000 per year, bringing the total cost to Kes 216,000," he said.

Further, the headteacher also urged that the government factors assessment materials into the capitation.

"The workload expenses and time spent by teachers downloading the assessment materials, administering, marking, analyzing, rubrics, uploading to KNEC has been overwhelming," he added.

Nzioka said the government should also install free Wi-Fi in every school to ease assessment.

"KEPSA recommends that the assessment materials be supplied to schools through a sufficient vote head in the FPE capitation," he added.

Currently, the government spends Kes 1,440 on every pupil.