Even after heated discussion on whether or not CBC will make it through, the implementation plan is still on going. There have been interviews and panels across all the social media platforms led by the mainstream media expressing their views about the new curriculum.

In 1985, the curriculum changed for the first time in Kenya where 7-4-2-3 upgraded to 8-4-4.

KPSEA score will be totaled from the School Based Assessments(SBA) and the Summative National Assessments(SNA)

If you are a parent and have been complaining about all the practical's your child told you to assist, this is the category it falls in. These are the assessments usually executed by classroom teachers, guided by KNEC.

Another score will be 40% of the learners score derived from the S.N.A. This section will have multiple choices.

About 60% of the learners score will come from the SBA which constitutes assessments that they have been doing in Grade 4, 5 and 6.

Upon completion of Grade 12, a final CBC certificate will be issued and this is what will compare to KCPE examination.

According to the CBC experts, the marking process will be unique from the traditional marking systems as the Kenya National Examinations Council . The marking process will be marked using new technology and teachers will not be involved in the exercise.

It will instead be done by machines that will capture their answer sheets using specialized scanning.