The Summer Family, a Kenyan YouTube pair, has revealed they are expecting their first child together.

The well-liked pair Becky and Summer informed their followers of the wonderful news on social media. They celebrated both their anniversary and the gift of motherhood.

"An unexpected twist in our love story unfolds🤗, as we joyfully embrace the news that our hearts will soon beat as three❤️. With anticipation and gratitude, we prepare to embark on this extraordinary adventure called parenthood, forever blessed by the gift of new life❤️HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE."

The pair, who consistently upload films to YouTube, had a difficult relationship but still managed to be strong for one another and battle for their love.

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Summer revealed on social media the previous year that his mother-in-law disapproved of his connection with Becky.

Summer explained that things got difficult when his mother-in-law asked Becky to return home.

Due to Becky's mother's warning against becoming close to her daughter, who has never approved of Summer, their intentions to meet up and film content fell through.

Summer described how his late uncle, who died a year ago, was the only one battling for their relationship to guarantee that the lingering problems were resolved.

Since he loves Becky, Summer wishes his mother-in-law would give him a chance.

Social media followers are pleased that the couple is growing their family and working well together.

Congratulations to Summer and Becky.