Monday's Nairobi to London Kenya Airways aircraft had a sick passenger, which prompted the crew to declare a medical emergency.

According to a statement made by the national carrier, a passenger on the KQ100 aircraft between Kenya and England, reported an emergency while receiving assistance from the crew and medics on board.

"The crew on board assisted by two doctors and a nurse provided medical assistance to the passenger as the captain declared a medical emergency with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) so that the flight could get an expedited landing for the passenger to receive further medical attention," KQ stated in the statement.

The airline added that after receiving the request, the plane landed, and the paramedics who had been waiting in the wings quickly brought the passenger to the hospital for additional medical attention.

"The safety of our crew and customers is our number one priority," said KQ.

After two passengers died in two weeks on separate flights from Nairobi to New York in 2022, Kenya Airways has been on high alert for medical problems.

In the first occurrence, a sick passenger forced a KQ flight to make an emergency landing in Casablanca, Morocco.

Despite the efforts of the airport's medical staff in Casablanca, it was ultimately decided that the passenger had passed away.

Two weeks later, a traveler on a different KQ flight from Nairobi to New York was pronounced dead after being discovered unconscious upon landing.