Diana Marua has recounted her life prior to stardom and wealth, including her first encounter with Bahati. 

The content creator revealed that her traditional wedding on October 7 was a dream come true in a beautiful video she posted. 

"If you told me 10 years ago that on this day I would be celebrating my traditional ceremony, I would probably laugh out loud."

The mother of three disclosed that prior to settling down with Bahati, she dated a number of men. She alleged that she was used and dumped by some males.

"I have had my own share of life, ups and downs. I have dated all sorts of men, been used and dumped, been heartbroken, been bartered, but all these were preparing me for God's plan," she narrated. 

Diana claimed that after meeting Bahati, she stopped seeing all of the men she was dating and that her heart felt different. She acknowledged that during their seven years together, things have not always been easy and that persistence is essential.

"I met @BahatiKenya, and I dropped everyone because, for once, my heart beat differently. The moment I knew we were dating, he never let go of my hand.

You see gifts, you see me being crowned, but all this has taken a lot of hard work, perseverance, commitment, apologizing when you are wrong, we’ve wiped each other's tears, submitting even when I can’t stand him, leaving everything and prioritizing someone's emotions when we’re down, encouraging each other even when we can’t see the light of day… the list is overwhelming," she shared. 

"Babe, we have all come from broken families, but thank you for breaking this chain and teaching me what it means to keep a family and fight for each other when the world is against us.

You have stood as the head of our house with so much love and dignity. You are my Safe Space. My prayer is that with long life may he satisfy us and show us His salvation." 

The video creator also described how they owed money at a nearby kiosk and had rent arrears due to their inability to pay their rent. She revealed that a lack of school expenses prevented her from finishing her tertiary education.

"When you look at me, you see a Lucky girl, but you don’t know what it has taken for me to get here. I faced a lot of tough times growing up, I didn’t finish school because there was no money, and begging landlords to give us a few more days was the order of the day, we had a book of mkopo, kwa duka that we would pay monthly and that was normal for us," she narrated. 

Bahati recently told the story of how he met Diana following Tracy Wanjiru's rejection of his request to appear in his video. Diana was not his first pick for a vixen, according to Bahati, but after Tracy let him down, he was forced to hire her.

"I had written my first love song as a gospel artiste, and the girl I wanted to appear in the video declined my offer; that was the former NTV Teen Republic host Tracy Wanjiru... I think she was the only beautiful girl I knew then, manze sikua na connections," he wrote in part. He added: "I remembered of a queen who had liked a picture of mine on Instagram.

I had never met her, I reached out to @diana_marua just like any other video vixen little did I know that I was looking at my wife-to-be. I had shot many music videos before, but God used this specific shoot to connect me to my soulmate. Thanks to the amazing Tracy because God used you to say no, and that's how I met my prayer partner."