Days after popping the question to Kenyan musician Mylee Staicey, Weezdom ended his relationship with her.

The musician announced on social media that he and the musician are no longer romantically involved.

He disclosed that, despite his best efforts to defend their love, he was forced to call it quits on the relationship because Mylee Staicey had unforgivably disrespected his mother.

Weezdom publicly apologized to Mylee Staicey last month to win her back.

Weezdom made the heartfelt plea in the most recent episode of the reality show "Take Me Home," breaking down in tears and expressing his sincere regret for how their relationship had turned sour.

In her version of events, Mylee Stacey said that she had entered the show hoping to mend their relationship.

Weezdom said on Instagram that although their relationship has seen good times and bad, he still loves and cherishes Mylee Stacey.

"Sometimes we're on, sometimes we're off. Sometimes we're happy, sometimes we're not. Sometimes we're together, sometimes we're apart. But no matter what, you're always in my heart."

Mylee told her fans in a statement last year that her relationship with Weezdom was finished and that she didn't want to be connected to him in any capacity.