Willy Paul claims to enjoy a quiet existence and to never flaunt a gift he would give to his wife or girlfriend in public.

But he has no issue with celebrities who chose to publicly show their affection for one another.

This past weekend, Paul congratulated his former best friends Bahati and Diana on their marriage celebration in an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya.

When asked if he had watched the widely shared footage of Diana getting her fancy car,

"Sijaona, maze sijaona" he brazenly told Mboya.

Diana was given a sh19 million Range Rover by her husband Bahati three days ago to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary.

Pozee is pleased for the pair.

"sijaona, I have not seen such a video, but if there is a video congratulation. That's all I can say" he shared


"Ni kazi ya mungu. You know that hatuonyeshi does not mean hatufanyi (gifting a loved one). Ni venye some of us tunapenda tuu a private life, "

Interstingly, Pozzee also told Mboya that he would never get married. His reason?

"I have seen men kill themselves over a girl. Manze umeoa, ukitoka bibi yako ni bibi ya jirani Ai hiyo haiwezekani" he gestured with upset hands.

Since Bahati revealed that he would be giving his wife seven gifts during a week-long party to celebrate the same number of years in marriage, the Bahati family has been making many people envious.

At the end of the gifts, the mother of three received the ultimate present: a Range Rover.