Netizens have had a lot to say about Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura new vehicle that is nearly identical in color to Diana Bahati's Range Rover.

Despite the economic uncertainty and growing expense of living in Kenya the single mother just rewarded herself with a brand-new car, demonstrating her perseverance and hard work in the face of adversity.

On Wednesday, November 8, Yvette Obura, who has kept her personal life quiet, shared her most recent accomplishment on Instagram. Taking a close look at the car, it is a Nissan Note that costs about Sh1.2 million.

In a light-hearted caption, she humorously remarked, "Pesa kidogo nishanunua kadudu," accompanied by a laughing emoji. The joy and sense of accomplishment were evident in her post.

Mr. Seed, a close friend of Bahati, congratulated Yvette right away and asked her in jest what music she had initially played on her new computer.

"You played which song hapo ya kwanza... am proud of you ... congrats," Mr seed wrote.

Yvette's hard work and determination were acknowledged in an abundance of celebratory words in the comment box.

While the majority of remarks complimented Yvette on her achievements, several perceptive viewers drew attention to an intriguing coincidence.

The color of Yvette's car matches the one Bahati gave to his wife, Diana Marua, a few weeks ago.

The final gift of their seven-year anniversary, a blue Range Rover Vogue Autobiography, was a surprise from Bahati to Diana on October 19.

Observers speculated about this striking similarity in color selections. Some questioned if Yvette made the decision on purpose, speculating that it was motivated by bahati's recent gift to Diana or that she was after influence.

Some even conjectured that Bahati may have given Yvette the automobile as a bonus when he bought Diana's Range Rover, so he decided to split the money.