Tanzanian singer Harmonize praised Alikiba and crowned him the king of Bongo Fleva music during an event in Zanzibar. Alikiba has responded by describing the statement as a way of expressing excitement.

Harmonize, in his media interview upon returning to Tanzania with three AEUSA 2023 awards from the United States, stated that he harbors no ill will towards anyone. He cited his five-year-old daughter as a prime example of his desire for equality with everyone.

Subsequently, Harmonize addressed a recent incident when he approached Alikiba, who was in the middle of an interview, and enthusiastically jumped on his shoulders.

Harmonize explained that the purpose of the gesture was to demonstrate to the world that he harbors no issues with Alikiba whatsoever.

"In the community, there is a mentality that I have a problem with @OfficialKiba but I don't hide it and I tell you the truth, Alikiba is one of the people from whom I have learned music, we have never had any problem and we have never even shared women.

I respect him, he has a very big contribution to this (the music industry), you can't deny that, we have learned through him, we have grown up seeing Ali doing many great things, and we get the mentality that it is possible to make this music and pay respect to your nation."

"I'm turning 30 soon, so I'm growing up. Then again, I have a daughter, she is turning 5 soon, and when she is she encourages me.

I don't want her to grow up to find that I don't know her father has problems with this person, I will have put my daughter in an environment of wondering why her father doesn't like or get along with this person, so I am growing up," he added.

Alikiba through his X page reposted the clip of Harmonize talking and putting an emoji of applause while attaching only one word, "maturity."