Today is Mueni Bahati's eighth birthday, and Yvette Obura, a businesswoman and content creator, is a proud mother.

She wrote a touching letter in which she expressed her pride in the accomplishments she and her daughter have made together.

She described how, as she made her way to the delivery room eight years ago, she was completely lost and had no idea what lay ahead.

"Dear Yvanna Mueni Bahati. 8 years ago today I was packing my maternity bags. Amidst confusion and whatnot I remember silently telling God, this child belongs to you. The moment you came into this world you changed everything in my life, you made me see life from a different dimension," Yvette Obura said in part. 

A video collage showing Mueni's development from birth to her current birthday and their bonding over time was also shared by Yvette.

Yvette has taken great care to record and preserve moments with the young girl, including mirror selfies, shopping excursions, and family vacations.

"I made a vow to be the best mom to you and this is my promise to you my child. In life's seasons, through the good and bad days. In my eyes, you are my WORLD MUENI. As you turn a new leaf one thing is for sure you are the BEST thing that God ever gave me and may you grow in the Lord's grace and Favor. I speak blessings to you, my child. You are Loved, my daughter," she noted. 

Bahati gave interested internet users an explanation in February of this year as to why the young girl no longer lives with him.

Diana revealed that she and Yvette had a rumored falling out when she answered a fan regarding the missing child. Bahati also mentioned the young girl.

About my daughter Mueni, she is my daughter, and that doesn't change. Right now, I think you got it right, ingine wrong. Of course, Mueni, I cannot say she is no longer living with us, but she is,.. she changed schools because also tulikuwa tunakaa na yeye for so long, and she didn't have a lot of time to bond with her mum, so the mum requested akue na a school that is closer."


"So her mum requested a school near her place so that she could bond with her daughter and is the same level as the other one the other sisters. I make sure wote wako the same nini school fees hata nadhani pengine sijui hata nani ni more expensive, I think but it's the same level,".