TikToker Nyako has taken to social media to express her dissatisfaction with Rosie, a popular nanny, for claiming not to know her. The emerging conflict stems from Rosie's earlier statement in which she professed to be unfamiliar with Cartoon Comedian, a content creator often likened to her.

In an online video, Nyako voiced her disappointment at what she perceived as Rosie's apparent lack of awareness. Given their shared status as popular Kenyan figures, particularly in the context of the Cartoon Comedian comparison, the TikTok community had expected Rosie to acknowledge this connection.

The incident unfolded when Rosie, then working in Lebanon, disassociated herself from Cartoon Comedian and asserted not knowing the individual.

This fueled speculation and drew attention to Rosie's apparent lack of awareness of her celebrity counterpart. When questioned about her, Rosie's alleged claim of not knowing Nyako was added to the controversy. This statement heightened Nyako's frustration, prompting her to directly address Rosie on the video platform.

In her reaction, Nyako emphasized the interconnectivity of the entertainment industry and confidently stated that Rosie could potentially find herself in need of support and recognition from Kenyan celebrities in the future.

"There is nothing you are going to achieve in Lebanon. You're saying you do not know your fellow Kenyans; you will look for us. It is just a matter of time," Nyako asserted in her video.

In a previous video, Nyako had said Nyako came empty handed from Lebanon with only a good number of followers on TikTok but earns nothing!