Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi has raised concerns about the apparent inaction of Mombasa politicians regarding the growing number of youths succumbing to drug-related fatalities. A reliable source has reported Mwangi expressing his apprehension on various social media platforms, urging figures like Nyali Member of Parliament, Honorable Mohamed Ali, to address this issue instead of spearheading demonstrations in the country.

Taking to his different social media platforms to speak on this, this is what Boniface Mwangi had to say.

'' Mombasa youth are dying not because of having sex but drug use, still Muslims, and Christian leaders led by Nyali @MohaJichoPevu would rather hold a protest against gay people instead on focusing what’s destroying their youth. Are coast leaders in the pockets of the drug dealers?'' Kenyan Activist, Boniface Mwangi.

In response to these allegations, Honorable Ali Mohammed, a prominent politician from the United Democratic Alliance party, has criticized Boniface Mwangi for accusing him of orchestrating demonstrations in Mombasa.

Multiple sources have confirmed Ali's involvement in leading protests in Mombasa, specifically against the LGBTQ community. This incident has garnered widespread attention, prompting various Kenyans to share their opinions on different social media platforms.

'' Bro umetumwa na donors wa LGBTQ? Ondokea pesa zingine za laana. Walami sio Mungu. Umewaabudu sana. Chorea pesa zao. Waambie wakutume zile za kawaida umezoea.'' Ali.