Zari Hassan recently delighted her fans by participating in a lighthearted competition for a parking space with one of her sons.

Onlookers were amazed as Zari contended for a parking spot with her son Pinto in her parking lot. Faced with a full parking lot, she asked Pinto to relocate his car, ensuring she could find a suitable space.


In a conversation with a journalist immediately after arriving at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Zari revealed that her sons are planning to move out of her mansion by 2024.

"Hopefully, my boys need to move out next year, to their own apartments, they have their own cars, they need to go. Hopefully, that will be sorted next year."

Zari is the mother of three sons fathered by the late Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga. The eldest is 19, while the other two are teenagers.

Her last two children are shared with Diamond Platnumz. In a recent gesture, Zari commemorated Ivan six years after his passing.

"Happy birthday. I hope the angels are celebrating with him."

Adding ""The legacy lives on. Happy birthday."