Zari Hassan removed pictures of her husband, Shakib 'Cham' Lutaaya, from her social media, sparking immediate speculation among fans about potential issues in their relationship.

However, Hassan has reassured her followers that everything is fine. She explained that she removed his photos because she wanted to establish a clear distinction between her personal life and her brand.

"I am customizing my social media pages to be more about Zari the brand. I don't want my personal life interfering with my business or my brand. I'm a lot of things, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a socialite," she said

She went on to say that she and Shakib are in good terms.

"I'm with him. I want to see how I maintain my brand without really pulling in a lot of my personal life."

In October, the couple hosted an intimate white wedding in South Africa. The private ceremony was graced by close family members from both sides, including Zari's children.

The entirely white-themed occasion was also graced by Zari's co-stars from the Netflix show 'Young, Famous And Africa.'

The upcoming season of the reality show will feature the wedding, which had its invitation card leaked before the actual ceremony took place.

"Zarinah Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya cordially invite you to share in the joy and celebration of their wedding day," read the invitation card

The invite went on to reaveal "Your presence on this special day would truly make our celebration unforgettable."