Following the Ugandan socialite's posting of photos featuring a Louis Vuitton bag, confidently strolling in her South African home's driveway toward her Jeep, critics couldn't help but criticize her for what they perceived as a fake bag.

Zari was dressed in a cream outfit, paired with the handbag.

"Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.” – Dwayne Johnson," she captioned the Monday Jan 8 video.

A man boldly told her that her bag was fake, and this didn't sit well with her. The mother of five wasn't happy with the criticism and reacted sharply taking to her Instagram stories to tell off critics.

"Man f** it, what's 2k$," she began to rant.


"Please stay in your broke lane and stop labeling people's stuff fake. I'll post receipts of my underwear too since yall are too involved.

I'm not even bothering with the filter on this bag. I'm not. I've had this bag for many years and a whole grown a** man is like. 'Oh I love how Zari just goes on with her life she doesn't really...she's holding a fake purse, but she doesn't care,' do you guys want us to start moving around with a fake purse?"

She continued to rage as she took a receipt out of her YSK bag to demonstrate how much the Louis Vuitton cost.

The receipt showed that she purchased it from the Sandton luxury brand store. She also paid 35,000 rand (Sh296,933) for it. The receipt's date of purchase indicates that she purchased it in 2019.

"So like I can afford to buy cars and property and you telling me I can't buy bags because some losers on the internet went saying oh Zari has fake stuff. Nah fam, okay I get it, I'm about to show you receipts of my underwear how about that? This bag has been moving for years. It goes everywhere like stay broke and shut up," she shouted at the camera.

Later in a separate video, she continued to blast netizens writing,

"It's okay darlings, next time I go out to get some underwear, I'll bring you some receipts. Okay? Stay invested," before adding that netizens' obsession with her is scary.

"You know what's actually shocking? That stuff used to be so girly, you know, women hating on women, broke, low-life women with nothing going on in their life, they be like oh Zari is wearing fake designer shi**. You know what?

It wasn't my reality, it wasn't my truth It was for them, they wanted to feel better about themselves, and what better way than coming up with all these lies? But to have a whole grown as* man leave such a comment! like what? Are you growin' a vag*** That is too dude..nah," she ended her night rant.