The Kamba gospel music community faced an unfortunate incident when two prominent musicians got involved in a physical altercation during a live TV interview. In a video circulating on social media, two kamba artists namely Masekete and Ndeke, conversing in Kamba, became embroiled in a heated argument that escalated into one artist delivering a slap, leading to a physical fight.

Swift intervention from their colleagues prevented further escalation, ultimately bringing an end to the altercation.

In response to the incident, revered Kamba Musician Kasolo expressed disappointment, stating, "Mwarabu boy has disappointed me today! Aki drama siikathela ukamba. Utakuja studio aje ukiwa mlevi, na ninakuja kukupa platform ya kujijenga." Kasolo's remarks highlight not only his disappointment but also a concern for maintaining professionalism within the industry.

The video has ignited criticism from fans, with many expressing disapproval of the artists' behavior, particularly given their roles as gospel musicians.

The incident has prompted inquiries into the example set by these musicians and their responsibility as public figures. Fans are calling for accountability, emphasizing the expectation of a higher standard of conduct from individuals associated with the gospel music genre.