Samidoh, a famous Kikuyu artist, has been exchanging words with a male misogynist called Andrew kibe. Andrew kibe is not new to controversy. He is a self-proclaimed male coach and offers coaching services to those in need of his words of wisdom.

Samidoh is on tour across the country in the USA with his baby mama performing for his fans. Andrew kibe, who has been living in the country for a while, had offered to host the famous musician during his stay there, but samidoh turned down the alleged nice gesture.

Kibe wanted samidoh to stay with him so that he could show him around since he was familiar with the area. Kibe said, "He wants to hang out with him. Now women are fighting over him like a dildo. I would never allow women to fight for me on social media. I am the one who is supposed to know who to date and when and not the other way round."

Kibe referred to samidoh as a weak man who is only interested in women. Kibe alleges that a woman in the USA is hosting the famous musician despite having two women back home with several kids.

That statement did not sit well with samidoh, who clapped back at kibe's saying." hata kama ni content. sometimes tumia akili. So I was to leave my work because a lad had invited me to his cougars house?or for a helicopter ride? i am a kikuyu man.i thought tuli agree nitakam ukipata kwako bro si kwa nymba ya mama. tungepiga aje kadrink hata? ama nikimbie langata uone huyo mama watoto uliacha akishukuru mungu pia. nakam austin 4th lakini tulia.drop address"

Andrew kibes fans have urged him to respond to samidoh's statement. he has not done so yet