A Kenyan man who went above and beyond to express his unwavering love for rapper Khaligraph Jones has shocked many people.

The man even got Khaligraph's name tattooed on his arm, as seen in a social media video shared by the user.

According to his social media profiles, the man going by Official Billy Graham is a significant hitmaker and "Yes Bana " fan. "

Tattoos are a popular way for fans to express their love for their favorite celebrities.

An eight-piece tattoo on a man's hands, neck, and chest was applied last year. Otile Brown's name, face, and the record label name "Just in Love" are all tattooed on the body.

Kach Gal, an up-and-coming musician, also has two tattoos of Otile Brown's name on her body.

Another man recently got a tattoo on his chest of Oga Obinna's family name, "obinnaz," to express his love and respect.

A woman going by Its Lemarke had the name Azziad tattooed on her back at the beginning of last year as a token of affection.

Fans have shown similar expressions of affection to Mungai Eve, Willy Paul, Mike Sonko, and Diana Marua, among other celebrities.