Social media is gaining popularity for a 24-year-old man and his 80-year-old partner, who revealed personal details about their relationship.

An interview with Afrimax reveals that 80-year-old Catherine Thomas and 24-year-old George from Tanzania have a remarkable love story.

Five-year-old Catherine needed to be loved because she had lost her husband some time ago. As she continued her daily activities, she met George, a boda boda rider and school dropout.

But the beginning of their love story came when Catherine unintentionally left a bag containing 380,000 Ksh, or six million Tanzanian shillings, with George as he drove her home.

She was shocked when he returned the money, and that's when he won her heart.

Afterward, she asked George to start dating her. George admitted that it took him some time to process it, but in the end, he agreed because he was also falling for her.

Since they are 56 years apart and Catherine is old enough to be his grandmother, many people have been taken aback by their relationship.

Georges believes people shouldn't matter what they say, but both have encountered resistance from society and family.

The two went on to say that because Catherine's firstborn is 43 and her lastborn is 35, her child could not understand why she would date someone younger than them.

Mary, George's sister, expressed her heartbreak upon discovering the relationship. "I've begun to accept that it did happen. The age difference is excessive when someone is fifty years older than you. Mary remarked, "They are conflating love and insanity."

With a strong desire to see their relationship through, the two are infatuated.