On Saturday, Mike Sonko, the former governor of Nairobi, made waves on the internet when he appeared at a private event in Kitui County sporting an expensive pair of Amiri sneakers.

Photos of the stylish red and white Amiri low-top sneakers, which retailed for $805 (about Ksh. 130,000), showed off the former county boss's enjoyment of finer things in life.

Sonko dazzled in more than just an expensive pair of shoes during his prominent appearance as the chief guest at Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli's Installation ceremony as National Patron of Akamba Anzauni Clan. He finished the look with a matching Amiri t-shirt, ripped denim jeans, and a matching denim halfcoat.

The colorful politician wore gold-rimmed sunglasses, plenty of gaudy gold jewelry, and an Amiri beanie. 

Renowned Kambaland Benga singer Ken wa Maria graced the occasion as well. She wrote a song, especially for the day's celebrant, called "Kyalo wa Dubai."

Peninah Malonza, the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of EAC, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Regional Development, was seated behind the former Nairobi county hotshot.

Numerous well-known Ukambani figures attended the Akamba Anzauni celebration, which drew thousands of attendees from all backgrounds.

The event was presided over by the Anzauni Clan Council of Elders and the National Delegates of the Anzauni clan, highlighting the importance of this appointment. 

The Anzauni National Patron post has real duties, unlike honorary oneses. Dr. Kyalo Muli, a renowned business entrepreneur in Dubai and a respected Kenyatta University alumnus, would have absolute authority as the clan's leader and defender. 

In addition, he was tasked with encouraging unity among other clans, working with governmental entities, and advancing clan expansion.

Sonko, a respected member of the Kamba community, has maintained his political and social stature across the region. He occasionally drops in to support projects, attend high-profile events, and extend his reputable goodwill to the Kamba nation.