On Saturday night in Ugenya Sub-County's K'Onyango 'B' hamlet, Udira Kamrembo, a 4-year-old girl, was electrocuted and later died.

It is said that a water heater electrocuted the minor, known as Precious Atieno Oduor.

Siaya County Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo reports that local Assistant Chief Michael Nyadenge reported the incident to the Sega police station, stating that the youngster had been electrocuted in her parents' home.

The minor, a PP1 student at Udira Kamrembo Primary School, was left at home by her mother, Conslate Akinyi Otieno, who left her there to play and head to the neighborhood, he said.

The chief of police continued by saying that when the mother returned, she discovered the child had been electrocuted by a water heater that she may have been playing with.

When Sega police station officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that the minor's body had electric burns on its chest, palms, and both hands. 

Kimaiyo acknowledged the unfortunate event and said the body was sent to the mortuary of Sega Mission Hospital to await a postmortem as the investigation got underway.