Kenyans on X have taken to social media in protest after seeing a video of a young woman being yanked violently from a car. 

A woman is pulled from the back seat of a black Mercedes Benz with the registration number KCY 774K by a man sporting short dreadlocks in a widely circulated undated video. He then pushes her to the ground, where she hits a loud thud. 

The woman, wearing a short black dress and braids, then tries to stand up but fails; she falls back and flattens by the side of the road.

Throughout this scene, a male onlooker can be seen holding the door open for the man who is ejecting the woman. The onlooker is left staring at the woman on the ground while the car quickly drives away. 

The woman is now moaning by the side of the road, and another gentleman can be seen racing over from the corner to see how she is doing. 

Behind the camera, a female voice asks, "Huyu jamaa shida yake ni nini?" 

Hundreds of Kenyans voiced their opinions after the video appeared on X, with some denouncing the man for his seeming savagery and others applauding him for his bold use of violence.

Most people criticized him for the brutal way he threw the woman out, leaving her limp and defenseless by a busy roadside. Still, some men threw their support behind him, saying they needed to hear both sides of the story before making any decisions.

"So heartbreaking! I hope girls walk away from abusive relationships and I pray these fools get caught!!! I don't care the reason, abuse should be punished!" wrote X user Miss Wendy.

Activist Wanjeri Nderu said, "Many years ago, a man I knew was thrown out of a car on Thika Rd. He was robbed and raped by homeless men who lived under the bridge near roasters. Reading some of the comments justifying this inhuman behaviour breaks my heart. Sickening!"

Another user expressed their outrage, saying, "That dude standing there just helped him open and close the door like they were together then he continued minding his business. Like this is a very normal occurrence to him?? Men are really weird creatures!"

Other people said that this was a wake-up call for parents of daughters through the maze-like comments, using it as an example to train your girls early in life to avoid such incidents.

"I'm a father of two girls. Things like this make me think very hard of the kind of women I'm raising. I'll use this video to further remind them that they not only need to get their own money, they also should never be afraid to call me whenever their boyfriend acts so disrespectfully!" X user Kelvin Karaya said.