Socialite and social media influencer Vera Sidika has revealed that she has no plans of ever getting married again after his relationship with ex-husband Kenyan musician Fredrick Mutinda, well known as Brown Mauzo, ended in tears.

In a series of Q&As on her Instagram stories, she responded to her fan who asked her if she would ever get married again, to which she responded by saying that marriage is a trap and that she loves her freedom.


Vera, who has been making several trips to and from Nigeria, also revealed that this is the happiest she has ever been in her life. Sidika and her ex-husband share two kids, Asia Brown and Prince Ice Brown.

The socialite also recently revealed that she is a believer who prays and does her part as a Christian but finds it hard to attend church because she gets too much attention.

PHOTO | COURTESY Vera Sidika swears to never get married again 

In an Instagram post, the socialite revealed that she has not attended a church service in ages and would like to attend church this year because she wants to build a better relationship with God.

" I haven't been to church in ages, damn. I'm a believer, I pray and do my part as a Christian but damn hard going to church, too much attention."

Sidika asked her fans to suggest a nice church where she would not be distracted while attending the service.