Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru has expressed criticism regarding the house that the state has built for the late world marathon champion Kelvin Kiptum, who tragically lost his life in a road accident.

Ndegwa alleges that Kiptum's house is being touted as the first successfully completed project under the Kenya Kwanza government. He disapproves of the scheduled completion date for Kiptum's house.

Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru said, "Kiptum's house is the first project ever to be successfully completed by the KK regime. Kweli tutajenga."


The burial of the fallen hero was initially planned for Saturday, 24th February 2024. However, due to President William Ruto's work schedule, it was rescheduled to Friday, 23rd February 2024. The president issued an order for the construction of Kiptum's house to be completed within seven days, as a tribute to the late hero and to ensure a fitting farewell.

 Who Is Ndegwa Njiru

Ndegwa Njiru is renowned for his commitment to advocacy and justice. Mr. Njiru has a long legal career and has established himself as a prominent figure in the field. He is respected for his dedication to preserving the values of justice and equity. He is an expert in a variety of legal fields, including as human rights, constitutional law, and civil litigation. His involvement in well-known instances has significantly influenced national legal precedents.

Njiru, renowned for his persuasiveness in court, has made a name for himself as a strong voice for the weak and disenfranchised. The lawyer  is well-known for his candidness regarding social and political matters outside of the courtroom. He has advocated for constructive change by addressing societal issues and adding to public conversation with his platform. Njiru is a divisive figure in the legal profession due to his unrelenting dedication to justice and the rule of law, which has garnered him both adoration and criticism.