Crossdressing TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia has taken a stand, advising that no one should dare call him bro or try shoulder greetings with him. Kinuthia has directed that the only name acceptable should only be "baby girl"

In response to this, the content creator conveyed their discontent, particularly with being greeted using masculine terms such as 'bro' in public. Additionally, they have urged people to acknowledge their beauty and well-manicured nails and address them appropriately.

Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia has emphasized that when encountering them at the mall or supermarket adorned with beauty and manicured nails, it is inappropriate to say, 'What's up, bro?' as they question the basis for such a fraternal term.

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More to that, If you can't greet the cross dresser with a handshake or a hug, then the best thing to do is to keep your greetings. And if you know you'll say 'What's up, bro,' keep your greetings," he added. It has then resulted to so many mixed reactions about his real gender.