Content creator Chantelle Petite has been involved in a heated argument with her baby daddy, Ephy Saint, and was attempting to burn something.

PHOTO | COURTESY Chantelle and Ephy

In a video seen by Waza, Chantelle is in the car and can be seen lighting a match and trying to burn something while someone around her tries to stop her from doing so.

 Her baby daddy, Ephy Saint, can be heard accusing Chantelle of being abusive and manipulative and demanding she get out of his car. He accesses her by taking their child to an expensive school he cannot afford and then keeping the child away from him.

In the video, Chantelle refuses to exit the car while Ephy insists that he cannot drive away with her because something terrible might happen.

In an interview four years ago, Petit gave details about her troubled labor and delivery, which led to her baby suffering from birth asphyxia.


“I arrived in the hospital and they told me my baby was in distress. They found waste matter when they checked how far I had dilated,” she said. “I remember her head was in my birth canal for a very long time and I kept asking myself, is that dangerous for my baby? What are the implications of that happening?”

Chantelle has not given her side of the story yet, but the pair have been involved in a couple of altercations over the years, accusing each other of being abusive.

A few years ago, on her Instagram stories, Chantelle accused her baby daddy of being emotionally abusive, a liar, trash-talking her, and generally being the worst partner anyone could ever be with