Award-winning Kenyan rapper Octopizzo has responded to criticism from a social media user who expressed negative views about his lyrical skills and musical style.

The individual, recognized as King Flame based on his X (formerly Twitter) handle, used social media as a platform to disparage Octo's lyrics.

He pointed out that the rapper required prayers due to his writing style being incomprehensible, and he found Octopizzo's songs unenjoyable.

King Flame was responding to a post by the rapper, where Octopizzo commented on Pastor Ezekiel's refusal to stage a fake fall during a prayer session conducted by Israeli-born American-Canadian televangelist Benny Hinn.

"Bruh... Pwagu alipata pwaguzi," wrote the Grammy-nominated artist accompanying the post with several laughing emojis.

"Octo we pia ungefaa uombewe ili uimbe ngoma tunaelewa lyrics, ( you also should have been prayed for so that you can start dishing out great music whose lyrics we can understand,)" wrote King Flame while responding to Octopizzo's post.

Upon catching wind of the comment on X, the father of two responded cryptically to showcase his skills and demonstrate that he was indeed a skilled lyricist, contrary to the critic's opinion.

Octo shared two pictures of the Pope, one depicting him preaching but seemingly delivering some remarkable lines, and another showing him savoring a bowl of pasta. Octo went on to assert that he was already abundantly blessed with exceptional skills.

"Pope ashaa niombea akanishow huko Milano wananiita Benny Hinn venye naangusha hawa ma Pastor na uSipo-Get-Hii hautawahi get it. #DON," wrote the Grammy-nominated rapper accompanying the post with a goat emoji.

His comeback translates to;

"The Pope already prayed for me and while he was at it, he told me people in Milan call me Benny Hinn because of the way I be dropping pastors. And if you don't get this, you will never get it."

The post stirred a division among netizens, with some aligning with the aforementioned critic's viewpoint, while others staunchly defended the rapper.