Friday, March 15th held particular significance for Poshy Queen, the partner of the well-known Bongo Flava artist Rajab Abdul Kahali, better known as Harmonize.

It marked the singer's 34th birthday, and Poshy Queen, proud of this milestone, commemorated it in grand style.

Late into the night, she took to her Instagram account, expressing her affection for Harmonize on his special day, showering him with love and extending her wishes for his continued success in this new phase of his life.

"To my love and my best friend 🥰🥰🥰❤️ I pray that your 30s are the best for you and that you achieve everything you wish for, thank you for bringing me and everyone around you so much happiness and joy, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MY ADAM ❤️. Seeing you so joyful today makes me feel so happy byb. Keep that smile on your face for me 🥰 may God bless you for us daddy 🙏🏽. Happy birthday byb 😘" she wrote.

Poshy Queen has celebrated her love for Harmonize despite their relatively short time together. Their relationship became public knowledge in January 2024, as they began sharing posts of each other on their Instagram accounts.

At one point, the 'Never Give Up' hitmaker even shared on his Instagram that he had granted the voluptuous queen access to some of his personal belongings.

The singer mentioned that he had entrusted her with his phone password, so anyone reaching out to him via DMs should be aware of this in case they receive an unexpected response from his account.

"Loyal man in the world. My love goes with my cellphone, she has my phone password already. In case you're getting weird reply still got love for you All" he said.

Although the exact start of their relationship remains undisclosed, Poshy Queen and Harmonize have consistently showcased their couple goals through adorable photos and videos together.

However, when news of their relationship emerged, rumors circulated suggesting that Poshy Queen had previously dated Harmonize's ex-DJ Seven before choosing to be with the singer.

Poshy Queen, however, issued a statement refuting these claims, clarifying that she and DJ Seven only worked together professionally and were never romantically involved.

"I wasn't going to talk about this, but I think at this point for the sake of me and my man's image, with all sincerity I have never at any point in my life dated DJ Seven, who used to be a friend and we have worked together he knows the truth, I'm not that stupid, please respect my man and stop the drama" Poshy said.