Vera Sidika returned to the interview she had with Brian Chira last year, during which he was nothing but complimentary.

Following Chira's passing on Saturday, March 16, Vera expressed her condolences and asked Kenyans to show kindness to one another.

"May he find peace in his soul. So depressing," she said in honor of him.

On Saturday, a fan replied to Vera's message of condolence.

"So sad...Good you appreciated him while he was still alive. ...I saw you reposted his story before...Vera you've got a sweet heart. May continue blessing you."

Vera indicated why she appreciated Chira when he was alive,

"Always give people their flowers when they're alive to receive them. Life is short and tomorrow never promised," the mother of two reacted with a thankful emoji.

Vera called on people to have some humanity.

"Hug your loved ones and pray. So many premature deaths happening this year. May God see us through."

In September 2023, Chira, in an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, indicated that Vera inspired him and was his role model.

He wanted to be the male version of her.

"I wanna be the male version of Vera Sidika. You will keep talking but she keeps on making moves," the TikToker shared.

He said he admired her bold nature and often followed her online life.

"Hee, today I have seen her being posted everywhere. Where is she now? Beverly Hills! We are instead here in Ruaka. Where is she? Beverly Hills!" he bashed Kenyans. 

Adding, "Si ni ukweli? Sisi tuko hapa tunafanya nini? Tuko mboka." 

Chira commended Sidika's ability to ignore critics. A few days after that interview, Vera reposted her thoughts, acknowledging Chira's kind words.

"I like him 😂😂😂😂 he knows exactly what he's doing 💯 @chirabrian 💥 do you boo 💫" Vera said under the video below.