Kenyan dancehall artist KRG The Don has taken initiative to provide aid in the somber arrangements following the tragic passing of TikTok sensation Brian Chira.

In an interview with a local blog, KRG expressed his willingness to assist in transferring Chira's body from City Mortuary to Montezuma.

"Considering Brian Chira's orphan status, I want to help where I can, I want to arrange for the transfer of his body from City Mortuary to Montezuma.

"I have extended my assistance out of respect for a young man who tragically lost his life, recognizing that the family may struggle to cover the expenses alone. I am committed to covering the costs for both City Mortuary and Montezuma, including the casket," affirmed KRG.In the early hours of Saturday morning, Brian Chira Wambui, a beloved TikToker, tragically lost his life.

Authorities confirmed his passing, attributing it to severe head injuries sustained in a hit-and-run incident.

At present, his body rests at the City Mortuary, enveloped in solemnity.

As word of his untimely departure spreads throughout Kenya, reactions range from shock to sorrow.

Support has poured in from various quarters on social media, with a wide range of sources expressing condolences to the grieving family, and some extending practical assistance.

KRG is among several notable individuals who have stepped forward to support Chira's family following his untimely passing.

Baba Talisha has emerged as a prominent figure in spearheading the arrangements and serving as a bridge between the family and the Kenyan community. Notably, Baba Talisha had previously taken upon himself to assist Brian on multiple occasions.

TikTok peer Nyako conveyed her grief, reminiscing about her substantial impact on the deceased's life and encouraging her followers to contemplate their own journeys and final moments. Additionally, she has initiated a campaign to fulfill Brian's wish of building his grandmother's house.

Sensational singer Otile Brown also expressed a heartfelt tribute to Brian, expressing gratitude for the love he showed towards "One Call," a favorite song of Brian Chira, featuring Otile Brown and Ruby.

Chira, who had quickly risen to fame on TikTok, had recently stepped back from social media, leading to concerns about his well-being.

In a previous statement, he reassured his fans that he was merely taking a break to concentrate on self-improvement following a challenging period.

"I just took a break from a year of chaos. I'm fine. Hang in there. It's not every day that's a trending day. I had to work on myself and I feel better now," he had said in a post on Instagram.