Femi One has voiced her displeasure at fans confusing her for Fena Gitu. She expressed her displeasure with the confusion in an interview with the YouTube channel UpSyd. 

Femi stated that even though there might be parallels, she wants her followers to be able to tell them apart.

She was asked how frustrated it makes her, "Everytime yani, cheki, mi ndio Femi One, like the short hair, the coloured hair, mimi ndio Femi," she ranted.

She continued by jokingly warning anyone who would ever think she was Fena, saying,

"The next time mtu ananiita Fena walai, anakula headi, walai, hio kitu all the time."

Not only does she have fans, but also media figures and colleagues in the industry.

"Mpaka yani artistes, wana kua...mpaka Radio Presenters, niko like, hawa sijui ni ignorance, ama ni nini, me I mi huwa sielewi yani. Huwa si geti, huwa sielewi, also I think ni juu tulitokea around the same time."

A cute similarity that Femi lovingly acknowledged was their birth date

"And also we share a birthday with Fena -25th April," she gushed.

She has pleaded with Kenyans not to confuse them. 


"Guys please aki, the next time, walai, niko serious, hii sh** huni pi** off sana." 

"Inakuanga ai, kwani si work hard ama? Kwani si put in effort (distinguish difference)? "Ni nini manze?" 

Femi One will perform at Raha Fest this weekend. Alternatively, you can stream Fena's album Love Art Lust and see her perform live at the Blankets and Wine Festival on April 7.