In an interview with Kenya Online Media, Elodie, who battled depression throughout 2023 and into early 2024, discussed her challenging journey of searching for a pet-friendly apartment.

Content creator Elodie Zone has brought attention to a significant yet often overlooked aspect about pet-friendly housing.


Drawing from her personal experience navigating housing challenges and their impact on mental health, Elodie has emerged as a vocal advocate for pet-friendly rental accommodations. She highlights the importance of such housing options not only for the well-being of pets but also for the overall quality of life for tenants.

Elodie's advocacy underscores a broader issue concerning affordable and humane living conditions, resonating with many individuals who face similar housing struggles in urban areas.

Elodie emphasized the significance of accommodating furry companions in the pursuit of emotional stability.

Previously, Elodie disclosed that she was evicted from her apartment due to having a pet.

"Finding an apartment that accepts pets has been a real struggle. Pets help in stabilizing the emotional well-being of young people and, in turn, help fight depression," Elodie pointed out.

'I feel like that is something young people should actually consider, a lot of people would not struggle much with mental health if they had a pet that helps with emotional stability and routine.

"Also housing that is affordable that allows us to have pets, it is not complicated," added Elodie.

Beyond her advocacy for pet-friendly housing, Elodie is on a path of personal renewal. In a candid revelation, she discussed her decision to remove some of her tattoos, a move reflective of her evolving identity.

"I have between 27 and 29 tattoos...weirdly, I wanna do laser removal for a few," she remarked, indicating a departure from past expressions that no longer align with her current self.

Throughout her journey of self-discovery and advocacy, Elodie has faced numerous challenges. However, she remains optimistic and dedicated to leveraging her platform for positive change.

Encouraging others to embrace self-reflection and prioritize mental wellness, Elodie draws from her own experiences of overcoming depression and discovering fulfillment through authenticity.