Kenyan businessman Jamal Roho Safi recently posted a photo on Instagram featuring himself with his ex-wife, Amira and the picture sparked various reactions from social media users.

In a recent interview, Jamal clarified that his relationship with socialite Amber Ray was not the cause of his divorce from Amira. He asserted that it was Amira who created conflicts between him and Amber Ray, attributing the breakdown of their marriage to her actions.

The recent photo of Jamal and Amira together has reignited conversations among people, stirring varied reactions. While some find it heartening to see them reunited, others speculate about its implications for Jamal's relationship with Amber Ray.

On Instagram, comments range from surprise to confusion, with users expressing different interpretations of the picture. Some are curious about the current dynamics between Jamal and Amira following their divorce.

Although speculation is rife, the true significance of the photo remains uncertain. However, it's evident that Jamal's personal life and relationships continue to captivate public interest. Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding story.