Vocal Suba North Member of Parliament Millie Mabona Odhiambo is facing criticism from netizens due to her recent actions targeting her fellow politician, Linet Toto, the Women Representative for Bomet County.

Just moments ago, the Suba North legislator posted on her Facebook account, joining the discussion circulating on social media regarding a recent trending photo featuring Linet Toto. The image was captured a few days back during a fundraising event attended by the Bomet Women Representative, who was accompanied by Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot.

The fundraiser reportedly took place at Ndanai Primary School in Sotik sub-county, aiming to support various SACCOs. During the event, Linet Toto was photographed wearing a green outfit. Some online users speculated that she appeared to have a bump around her belly area, even suggesting she might be pregnant. However, this has not been confirmed. Regrettably, MP Millie Mabona Odhiambo chose to join the trend of trolling Hon. Linet Toto by commenting on the photo.

She expressed a preference for how Linet Toto appeared slimmer several months ago compared to her current appearance.

"I love the earlier photos of Toto. If lack of money made her look beautiful and stylish, we should all have no money. She does not look bad now. I just love the earlier look" she wrote.

The comment by the Suba North legislator however elicited a backlash, with some netizens calling her out over the unfortunate negativity.

Bernard Kurgat wrote;

"That's body shaming which is wrong...Toto is expectant & body size automatically should be big to accommodate the young one inside".

Chemamet wrote;

"Not you Millie on this".

Tina Tamara wrote;

"She is pregnant. Let her be".

Patience Mwesh wrote:

"She is expectant and weight gain during pregnancy is normal".

Irene Wambui wrote:

"Aaii so you are bodyshaming a pregnant woman, let her be".

Luiza Simber wrote:

"Yawa mhesh...you've just decided to body shame a fellow woman. 😏 it's so unlike you".