Kenyans have been amused by the sight of the Ex Makueni Governor Kibwana eating at a kibandaski. While politicians are commonly seen dining and indulging in luxurious 5-star and high-end hotels, Kivutha Kibwana opted to visit a local eatery where many ordinary Kenyans dine. This gesture has left a positive impression on Kenyans, who commend his down-to-earth leadership style, acknowledging him as a true servant of the people.

Former Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has kept a relatively low profile since stepping down from office after serving two terms. Renowned for his development initiatives, he was consistently ranked among the top governors. However, a photo of him dining at a local eatery, commonly referred to by Kenyans as "Kibandaski" or "Kwa Mathe," has sparked significant interest among Kenyans.

He was simply enjoying a modest lunch of a soda and a banana, a meal that resonates with many Kenyans. Some residents from Makueni have spoken out, reminiscing that during his time in office, he would frequently visit local eateries unannounced and share meals with the people, embodying a genuine connection with his constituents.