How does a can of jam sent to friends and family cause outrage in a country over 4000 miles away? Well, let me take you through the unwarranted tantrums.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, returned to Instagram with the launch of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, which is expected to sell home goods, cookbooks, tableware, and edible treats—like jams and fruit preserves.


Last week, journalists and monarch lovers were outraged when the duchess sent a few samples of her new product to her friends. 

Royalist and Meghan Markle's fierce critic Angela Levin threw a tantrum, saying, "I can't help laughing. "Meghan has sent 50 influencers a jar of strawberry jam." Hold the front page. It's a limited edition of 50. We see the jar numbered 17.

PHOTO | COURTESY Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex

Levin has frequently ranted about a jar of jam, retweeting every negative thing about the unreleased product. She also noted that Meghan's jam increased the sales of the King's Jam, which begs the question of why people were not buying the King's Jam in the first place before her launch.

Who would believe it? Meghan's jam has boosted the King's sales, which is now 'sold out.' Perhaps people prefer the profit to go to royal charity rather than to Meghan's pocket.

Despite heavily criticizing the jam, it is clear that the journalist wants to taste that Montecito product. During an appearance on GB News, Levin told host Nana Akua that the concept is "silly," and starting with a limited release suggests that the "rest of us won't be able to taste the jam."

PHOTO | COURTESY Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex

Angela Levin believes that her words about Meghan Markle are the gospel truth and dismisses anyone who criticizes her opinions about the duchess; this was evident in an interview where the journalist opted to disappear from the show rather than entertain another person's view.

British tabloids have published hundreds of articles criticizing a can of jam that is not on the market. A Newsweek article from 2022 noted that hating Meghan Markle is a million-dollar industry. It looks like the British media is heavily capitalizing on that.

Ironically, royal reporters such as Niamh Spence and fans blast meghan for being shameless and a grifter, yet she works to make her own money. The British media is never shy of publicizing hateful comments about the duchess but throws a fit when other royals get criticized.