Comedian Oga Obinna had a brief moment with his crush Amber Ray and his fans cannot stop talking about it. Obinna has made it clear severally that he has a massive crush on Amber Ray.

He does not hide that fact and even when she surprised him as he was recording his show, the Obinna, with his usual comedy monologue amused Kenyans.

Oga  was caught ogling as she made her exit.

Amber had stopped by to deliver an invitation to her daughter's birthday party this coming weekend.

Her daughter Africannah was turning one, and the family wanted to celebrate with their friends.

She also complimented Obinna on his cologne.

"You look dope," she told him as he reacted "I taste as good as I look" sending her into laughter.

Amber also added "Na unanuka poa. Kwani ulipata mtu?" she inquired about his status.

"Si ni wewe tu, I am waiting for you" he reminded her about his feelings.

Amber Ray brushed it off handing over her surprise which Oga Obinna gladly accepted.

Oga opened it up to reveal the delicacies she had for him, read out the birthday invite and accepted it.

"Thank you, thank you very much, I will be right there" The socialite then announced she was leaving, as Dem wa Facebook tried to block his view.

Obinna was seen walking fast to catch up with Amber Ray claiming he had not hugged her.

"Toka kwa site, at sija hug Amber Ray akienda," walking fast to catch up with Amber.

The comments from Obinna's fans on the YouTube page of The Weekly Show KE showed that Kenyans were amused by his reaction as he watched Amber exit, captivated by her lovely and ample backside.