In his field of work, women make up the majority of Mc Gogo's fan base, which is 23 years old.

As a result, he finds himself in a variety of circumstances with them, including financial and intimate offers.

On Tuesday, May 14, he talked with Mungai Eve and timidly said "Unajua watu wameiva hii town, na ni mbaya it's too much They want to steal you, they want to go with you"

He told the challenges arising from this

"Hii Nairobi no mbaya, but sometimes wanaamua tu wakusumbue" he shared.

He described it as hard

"Mtu anaweze kukutempt akiwa kwa audience, social media ni Hae, Hi, Handsome"

The DM's even seen women desire to book him.

"I sent them my Manager's number I don't know how she got my number. But my manager doesn't give out my number. She told me she wanted to book me. Unadhani hio booking ilikuwa ukweli?"

It was a woman who wanted to take things to the next level.

"She wanted to book me for other purposes. Heh she lied to me but it's fine, nawapenda bado"

He complied with Eve's question by implying that older women have made advances on him.

"Hehe amekuwachia Range Rover hapo " as he changed his comment when Eve asked if he had ever been given a Range Rover"Unakataa aje Range Rover?"

He reacted by denying " Wacha zako wewe, unaoan huu msichana anatry ku do, but it's okay, No, I've not been offered, si nakuambiatuu mtu tu ako na ** yake and all that, but I have my own money too, saa mniache tuu ni enjoy pesa yangu, saa hamnitaki mantaka ni enjoy pesa sijafanyia kazi?"

Eve again asked, "So you've gotten older women trying?"

"eh wanakuambia oh baby boy, baby boy, lakini sasa mi naonaga ni jokes, naonaga argh hawa wako na jokes sana" he added.

"Face to face, the last one I received was I think in Hornbill. Kuna mwenye akakuja akaniambia niaje, ebu maliza twende home. There is another one who has never told me, nioe ama uni***huyo lakini nilimtenda, alishinda anasema hivo. Nikamtime, nikatoa sauti, .ehe so the whole club is looking at you" he continued how he changed the moment

McGogo is in a relationship with a woman he soft-launched to Kenyans.