MP Millie Odhiambo is currently out of the country, and in recent photos shared on her official Facebook page, she was spotted buying roasted maize on the streets of Ghana. Despite the high cost of roasted maize in Ghana, she mentioned that she had to buy one because it's something she loves and can't resist.

The Suba North Member of Parliament, Millie Mabona, has never shied away from addressing issues in the National Assembly.

Over the years, the lawmaker has garnered both admirers and enemies as she fights for her place in the male-dominated political arena.

Her combative approach to certain issues often results in shouting contests, but this has never deterred her. The most recent MP to find himself in Millie's crosshairs in parliament is Silvanus Osoro of South Mugirango. He accused the Majority Whip of acting unbecomingly during a special sitting.

After Millie accused Osoro of meddling in Kisii County's operations, she further accused him of making lewd gestures towards Migori MP Fatuma Mohamed.

It's not widely known, but Millie is married to Magugu Mabona, a Zimbabwean husband whom she met online.

Mabona is passionate about hotel and catering management and is a professional image consultant for the lifestyle industry.

"I currently serve as a hotelier at Amak Images and I am responsible for strategic hotel operations to assure optimum performance," reads part of Mabona's LinkedIn profile.

During a recent interview, the legislator recounted that she was swept off her feet by Magugu's simple gesture of carrying a Bible the first time they met.