Mumias East MP Peter Salasysa has finally removed his dreadlocks. In a video seen by Waza News, the young lawmaker has straight and curly hair.

When the hairdresser used a chemical to process his hair, he seemed relaxed. 

The politician was happily chatting away as he looked into the mirror, following the procedure, and the salonist assured him that his hair would now be more accessible to comb.  

His hair has always been his signature style; President Ruto even commented on it when the two met at an event earlier this year.

The President mixed with Salasya as he extended greetings to dignitaries at the opening of the Kakamega County International Investment Conference. 


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As he shook hands and addressed each leader by name, the President asked how their constituents were doing.

The legislator from Mumias East turned to greet him with apparent excitement.  He gave the camera a firm handshake while keeping his eyes on the camera. 

When the President inquired about his well-being, he grinned widely and said, "I'm doing well."  The leaders laughed heartily at his response.  Ruto continued the discussion by inquiring why he hadn't combed his hair.

"Mbona haujachanua nywele," the President asked.

(Why have you not combed your hair).

The MP hilariously replied, saying, "Ukisema nitachanua."

His response sent the President and the crowd into laughter.

The first-time MP is known for his slightly long, rugged hairstyle.