Betty Kyallo, a media personality, reacted to a video of award-winning US singer P Diddy beating up his ex-girlfriend Cassie.

In the video, Diddy is seen running towards Cassie while still dressed in a towel.

He then grabs her by the hair and throws her around before beating her up.

Betty now says men who beat up women are trash, and she advises fans to stop following the singer.

"So wrong. I'm disgusted! Shame on him! Pure evil! Argh! Cancel Diddy ALREADY! MEN who beat WOMEN are TRASH! So ANGRY!!!!"

A man with 4 daughters, How do you beat up an honest woman. If you don't like love her anymore just leave them."

Betty went on to ask people to stop listening to his music.

"Diddy is tr@sh and so are the men who abuse women,whether physically or emotionally. They are trash. This is horrific yani am so disturbed unfollow him, we are not listening to his music anymore. F#ck Diddy men who beat women are trash am so angry."