Senator Karen Nyamu praised her father and the fathers of her children on Father’s Day. In a heartfelt message posted on her social media platforms, Nyamu celebrated her two baby daddies and expressed her gratitude towards her father.

The Senator described herself as a product of good fathering and acknowledged the valuable counsel she has received from her father.

Nyamu, who is never shy of controversy, showered praises on her two baby daddies, DJ Saint Kevin and musician Samidoh. She revealed that both men are present fathers to their children and have provided her with peace in motherhood.

“I am a product of good fathering. Those who know Mr Nyamu agree he’s the best dad in the world! Until today he is present every day, but he still brings fruits and veggies lol. I consult him on every venture, every investment na hadi anawekelea. Happy Father’s Day dad. Hakuna kama wewe,”

“Happy Father’s Day to Saint Kevinsky and Mr Muchoki. You guys gave me the best gifts ever! I could have even paid but mlinipea bure tu. Thanks for loving my babies and for being father figures. Just your presence alone brings so much peace to motherhood. Mbarikiwe hadi mshangae.” Nyamu posted.

DJ Saint is a well-known figure in the local entertainment industry, recognized as an events organizer, consultant, entrepreneur, and seasoned deejay. He and Nyamu met over ten years ago, long before she entered politics. They have a daughter together but eventually went their separate ways.