According to Combs' former bodyguard, Cassie Ventura's alleged relationship with Kid Cudi was a contributing factor in Sean "Diddy" Combs' physical abuse of her.

In a recent appearance on VladTV, Roger Bonds, the former head of the troubled mogul's security detail, revealed that he was aware of Combs' mistreatment and wrongdoing while he was employed.

After looking through Ventura's phone, Bonds claims Combs learned that Ventura and Kid Cudi were romantically involved. This infuriated the founder of Bad Boy and prompted him to try to confront Kid Cudi at his house.

Bonds recalls that Kid Cudi wasn't home at the time and that Ventura had started to separate herself from Combs at the same time, even though he claims he wasn't privy to the specifics of that encounter. "I'm not exactly sure what he said. Bonds clarified, "I know that he went over to his house and Kid Cudi wasn't there.

“At that particular time, after that happened, Cassie wouldn’t come around and then, all of the sudden, Cassie came around and Diddy was upset.” The Harlem native reveals that Combs then took out his anger on an employee named Capricorn, whom he believed had knowledge of Ventura’s dealings with Kid Cudi, by physically assaulting her.

“He was upset with a young lady called Capricorn,” Bonds remembers. “Capricorn was his personal assistant. She had to know about Kid Cudi because she never went to the studio by herself. She always went with Cassie,” he said.

“He put hands on Capricorn because of that situation. Capricorn ended up leaving and suing him for it. He paid Capricorn $450,000 to keep her mouth shut.”

Ventura filed a lawsuit against Combs in 2023, citing various allegations against the well-known music executive, including physical and emotional abuse. In the end, the lawsuit was settled out of court. CNN released video of Diddy hitting Ventura in a Los Angeles hotel in May 2024. Since then, Combs has apologized in public for his actions.