Fred Omondi's mum Eunice Omondi has revealed his funeral plans and calls on community support

Eunice discussed the ongoing funeral arrangements, highlighting the need for continued support from the community.

"The plans are progressing well. We are taking care of small details, and on the 29th, we hope to lay Fred to rest," she explained.

She emphasissed that organising such a significant event is challenging and welcomed any assistance from well-wishers.

"We haven't made much progress yet, and if anyone can help us, they are welcome to join and support us...Ujumbe naeza kuwa nao kwa marafiki wa Eric na Fred, wasituache pekee yetu," she said.

Kenneth Matiba, a close family member, spoke about Fred's significant presence in the community. "Fred was a good person. He knew people and was close to everyone. We are mourning deeply because we have lost someone dear," he said.

Matiba also extended invitations to various leaders and personalities who were close to Fred and Eric, inviting them to grace the burial.

"Nimeona Eric amekuwa na marafiki, na Fred pia amekuwa akitembea na wanasiasa kama mama Ida. Tunamkaribisha sana. hata Raila asituache nyuma. Jalangao pia anajua vizuri kule wametoka na Eric na Fred. Alafu kiongozi wetu Babu Owino, karibu nyumbani," he stated.

Tribute from Churchill Show comedians

In honour of the late Fred Omondi, the Churchill Show is set to host a commemorative event at the Carnivore Simba Saloon on Friday, June 21, 2024.

Announced by Churchill, the event promises to bring together some of Kenya's most beloved comedians and personalities who rose to fame through the iconic comedy platform.

This tribute show aims to celebrate Fred's life and legacy, highlighting the joy he brought to many through his humor and talent.

PHOTO | COURTESY  Churchil Ndambuki and late Fred Omondi

Fred Omondi was known for his vibrant personality and his close relationship with his family, especially his cherished mother, Eunice Atieno Omondi.

In an emotional interview with Pashwa TV on June 18, Eunice shared her grief and the profound impact of her son's death.

She revealed that she learned about Fred's passing on Sunday, June 16.

 "I found out around 11 AM that Fred had passed away," she said, her voice filled with sorrow.

Reflecting on Fred's childhood, Eunice described him as a playful and loving son. "Fred was always full of mischief and fun, and we never interfered with that. It bore fruit in his life. He loved his family dearly, especially me," she shared.

Eunice's grief was palpable as she spoke about the profound impact of Fred's death on her. "His death has broken my heart. Fred even made it possible for me to meet Oburu Odinga, which was a significant moment for me," she said, urging everyone to maintain peace as they prepare for Fred's burial.

"I loved him, and he has taken my heart with him. Please, let's come together and send Fred off peacefully," she added.