YouTube content creator and comedian Henry Desagu recently flew out of the country to handle a business engagement.

Kenyan comedian Henry Desagu

Speaking to the press at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), the comic said he was flying to Malaysia and Singapore to represent Kenya at a digital expo.

Desagu explained that he was working with local investors who sponsored the trip and his stay for the time that he will be away.

“There is some business involved with investors. We going to discuss biashara mbili tatu. It’s more like an expo. I am going to discuss digital content creation how to digitize content,” the comic said.

Desagu also discussed his love life, confirming that he is dating, however, mentioning that his fiancé is not more of a social media person.

“Okay so maybe not hide her so much but it’s possible that she doesn’t like social media so much and being exposed online. She doesn’t like social media at all

“One day maybe I will share a picture of her so that you guys can see her finally. She is pretty and has amazing thighs (sic), the day I decide to show her off, I will call a press conference to introduce her to you guys,” he said.

Elsewhere, in a similar story, sports betting company OdiBets has sponsored digital content creator Mungai Eve’s trip to Qatar for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

In an interview before his departure, Mungai said he will be traveling alongside other influencers working with the betting company; promoting various campaigns.

“We are heading to Qatar courtesy of OdiBets Kenya; we are leaving as a team, we have various influencers and winners too. It’s a lifetime experience and I’m really excited about it,” Mungai said.

The two Eve Mungai and Henry Desagu are among to[p young Kenyan content creators doing very well in the industry.