Throughout the years, the comedian has assumed different characters most of which

have performed well in the showbiz industry. However, his current cross- dressing

style has elicited mixed reactions from netizens. Currently, he is playing a diva

character which has been highly criticized due to LGBTQ allegations. Eric Omondi

started cross- dressing back in 2008 as one way to entertain his fans.

Eric Omondi has always dressed as a woman since 2008. I don't know why every time I do it people act shocked.

Times have changed, fashion ya leo sio fashion ya 2008, confirmed Eric.

He has won the Best Comedian Africa in the African entertainment Awards four

times; Year 2018, 2019, 2020 and, 2021 which according to him won him the title of

the President of Comedy Africa. Eric Omondi is a Kenyan comedian who has

amassed over 140000 subscribers on his YouTube account and 3. 9M on Instagram.

Eric is a combination of many things such as, a comedian, an actor and to some

extent, an activist. He is a self- proclaimed President of Comedy Africa. The

comedian was born March 9, 1985 and started comedy in 2008.

During a YouTube interview with Eric Mboya, Mr. Omondi explains divalicious as a

young girl only 21, lesbian and has been in the industry for a short time but outdoing

the rest who have been in the industry for long playing a similar character. He says he

is dynamic and unpredictable in the showbiz and advices actors to push themselves

and do their work to perfection. During the interview, the comedian claims to be the

most talked about comedian in the industry. According to him, this justified the recent

criticism he has received from the likes of Khaligraph Jones, a musician and Oga

Obina a KissFm presenter.

A few months a go, he posted a video holding to a pack of beauty products with the

caption: Flat tummy gel, advertising for a company that most people think made him

come up with his divalicious character. This video of him whining his waist while

dressed in a swimsuit went viral and attracted a number of negative comments from

netizens. According to the comedian, he only cross- dresses to create content which is

relatable to women who happen to be majority of his followers.

Eric has been in the past caught up in controversial situations. Back in 2018, the

comedian was forced to apologize after he shared a video on his Instagram while

dressed inappropriately. Despite not being a musician, the comedian has been very

vocal in fighting for the Kenyan music and he has found himself on the wrong side of

law on the process. Tuesday, November 16th Eric was arrested after attempt to storm

parliament where he lead a section of his supporters wanting the Kenyan media to be

compelled to play 75% Kenyan content. "All local media to play 75 per cent of local

music just like it is in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and  Zimbabwe" said Omondi. The

comedian was arrested for the offence of causing a disturbance near parliament


Unfortunately, most musicians feel Eric should only concentrate on matters comedy

and leave music issues to only the musicians since according to them, he has no

grounds to speak or share his opinion regarding the music industry simply because he

is not a musician. Speaking in a press conference, Khaligraph Jones clarified that Eric

should direct his energy towards the comedy industry.